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I'm 22 & live in New Haven, Connecticut.
I love my job and my health.
Drums. Ukulele. Food. Positivity.

I have raised a beautiful, intelligent, healthy dog named Ruby.
I will continue to do anything for her, she will continue to amaze me.

Circle//Circle - “dirty threads”

You and I, we have probably got just over a million thoughts. Together we could spill them out one by one, and see where we connect dots and form knots with the ribbons in our brains that unravel with each word.

With all my wounds and dead friends, too much weight and dirty threads, I’ve wished to change my choice a hundred times or two. On the other side of my muscle I have bone. It’s all worth it, I met you. On the other side of your muscle, you have bone, too. It’s all worth it, I met you.

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